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  9:00am Bible Study Hour
10:30am Morning Worship
  6:00pm Evening Service
  6:45pm Family Night

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Tri-City Baptist Church
6953 W 92nd Ln
Westminster, CO 80021

Phone: (303) 424-2287 

Office Hours:

Mon-Thurs, 9 am - 5 pm

Fridays, 9 am - 4 pm

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Ministries at Tri-City

Ephesians 4:12  “…equipping the saints for the work of the ministry.”


 Training and leading of the congregation in the corporate WORSHIP toward the Lord.
                       Pulpit ministry – the exposition of God’s Word 
                       Prayer ministry – the intercessory communion with our heavenly Father.
                       Music ministry – the sacrifice of praise
                       Giving ministry – the obedient support of God’s institution, the church, 
                          “as He has prospered us.”
• Training and leading of the church family in OUTREACH.
                       Visitation ministry
                       Sports Outreach ministries
                       Counseling ministries
                       Campus ministries
                       Missions ministry

• Providing necessary FELLOWSHIP connecting the church family together in unity.
                       Ladies ministries
                       Men’s ministries
                       Sports ministries
                       Special program and event ministries
                       Home Studies and Fellowships

• Edification through TEACHING the church family
                       Sunday AM Bible studies  -  exegetical and topical
                       Wednesday PM studies - strengthening homes and deepening the personal walk
                       Mid-week studies  -  YAH / Ladies / Men’s
                       College level Bible classes  -  English / Spanish