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  9:00am Bible Study Hour
10:30am Morning Worship
  6:00pm Evening Service
  6:45pm Family Night

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Tri-City Baptist Church
6953 W 92nd Ln
Westminster, CO 80021

Phone: (303) 424-2287 

Office Hours:

Mon-Thurs, 9 am - 5 pm

Fridays, 9 am - 4 pm

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Alexander, Ed & Jan Brazil
Alfaro, Bacilio & Eunice MGMI
Ball, Larry & Leslie IBM
Barnes, Steve & Rowena France
Bergman, Roger & Mary Spain
Burget, Ron & Kathy Puerto Rico
Cochran, Ron & Jackie Mexico
Driskell, Marlin & Leah Camp Grace
Ehmann, Ron & Kathy Utah
Tony & Pam Asia
Frederick, Russ & Mary Lou Germany
Frey, Rodney and Cheri Chile/Argentina
Hedges, Joshua & Barbara Chad
*Hendrix, Dean & Brenda Colorado
Hill, Richard & Elene St. Vincent
*Hudson, Todd & Sarah Austria
Konnerup, Ole & Renee Kenya
Konnerup, Richard & Ann Kenya
Krause, Rob & Sandy Italy
Mackiewicz, Jim and Karen Brazil
Mercado, Dick & Margine MGMI
Minnick, Tracy & Debbi Australia
Mumford, David & Cyndie France
Mumford, Eugene & Peggy France
Nair, G. S. & Sarah India
Tim and Lulu Asia
Phelps, Fritz Crown Ministries
Pope, Ray Uruguay (retired)
Reason, Jeff & Jayne Nova Scotia
*Brian & Victoria Asia
Rudolph, Dave & Julie South Africa
Sehested, Dan & Lyn Romania
Shumate, Dave & Linda MGMI
Silseth, Peter & Sandi Honduras
Smith, Mike & Stephanie Worldwide
South, Keith & Donna Utah
Talbert, Bud & Deborah Alberta
*Tutton, Tim & Margaret Colorado
Terry & Myra South Asia
Christian and Judy Asia
BBCC St. Vincent
*Cross Impact Ministries Colorado
Kokenzie, Jason & Stacy Colorado
Neighborhood Bible Time Colorado
The Exchange- Jeff Musgrave Colorado
*Fundamental Baptist Evangelism- Mitch Sidles Colorado

  * Currently at Tri-City, or sent out from Tri-City Baptist Church