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Music Ministry

December 2013 - Highlight

The purpose of the music ministry is to unify God's people in praise and worship. We work and rehearse to have a quality program which we believe brings honor to the Lord by offering Him our very best. In addition to presenting “our best,” we also strive to avoid the “marks of (identification with) the world.” (Hebrews 13)

In application then, as we offer our corporate “sacrifice of praise,” we intentionally do our best to avoid mimicking the popular music found throughout our culture – in text, style and presentation. Somewhat unique in typical “religious” gatherings today, we do not attempt to provide a “concert experience,” nor do we seek to put on a “production” for the purpose competing with other activities that may draw families away from church.

The result is a God-centered, rather than man-centered atmosphere. Having a quality music program may very well attract others, and our congregation might be emotionally moved as we worship together, but the only audience we seek to please is the Lord Himself.

(These guidelines are more specifically delineated in the church music policy booklet, “Why We Do It This Way,” available in the resource page of our web site.)


Vocal Music
The Adult Choir has a specific purpose of leading all aspects of the music ministry at Tri-City. The choir represents the "music leaders" as pictured in 1 Chronicles 25. All those who "volunteer" to be a part of this ministry should have the commitment of one who is "appointed" to accomplish a task, and faithfully serve in that capacity. While we prepare an average of six pieces per month, the most important function of the Adult Choir is to lead the congregational singing. Vocal solos and ensembles come out of and are a part of the overall choir ministry.

Instrumental Music
A variety of opportunities exist for all instrumentalists, including piano, keyboard and organists. Band or orchestral instrumentalists are invited to assist the congregational singing on Sunday evenings as well as prepare occasional choir accompaniments. Offertories provide numerous opportunities for individuals to serve as well.

Handbell Choir
Our three octave handbell choir rehearses two Saturdays per month, preparing selections to be presented periodically in our worship services and special programs.

Kid's Choir
The Kid's Choir meets during the school calendar year, meeting on Sunday afternoons at 4:45 PM. Special seasonal musical programs are presented two or more times per year.