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Adult Bible Fellowships

Our "adults" group primarily includes middle-aged adults who are not yet retirement age. We offer a variety of Adult Bible Fellowships which meet at 9:00 am every Sunday. In addition to the lecture and open discussion each Sunday morning, these group also schedule periodic fellowship gatherings and activities in homes and at church, which allow the participants to get to know each other a bit better in a less formal setting.

Men's Class

Teacher -  Wayne Simon   

Room - 212

Ladies' Class

Teacher -  Linda Ayers   

Room - 213

Calvary Class

Teacher -  Skip Hunter 

Room - 210

Ambassador Class

Teacher -  Bryan Malik

Room - 109

Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting

In addition to our Adult Bible Fellowships, we meet on Wednesday evenings for an all-church prayer meeting. The theme is currently the book of Psalms. The prayer meeting runs concurrently with our

children and teen programs.

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