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2015 - 2016 Notes

Sermon Notes - 

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1-08-17:  The "O" in P.O.W.E.R. - Openness

1-01-17:  The "P" in P.O.W.E.R. - Prayer

1-15-17:  The "W" in P.O.W.E.R. - Word

1-22-17:  The "E" in P.O.W.E.R. - Encouragement

1-29-17:  The "R" in P.O.W.E.R. - Responsibility

2-05-17:  Come and See the Betrayed One:

                 The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus

2-12-17:  Come and See the One Denied

2-19-17:  Come and See:

                 The Religious Trial of Jesus

2-26-17:  Come and See:

                 The Civil Trial of Jesus - Part I

3-05-17:  Come and See:

                 The Civil Trial of Jesus - Part II

3-19-17:  Come and See: The One Crucified

3-26-17:  Come and See: The One Dead and Buried

4-02-17:  Come and See: The Empty Tomb

4-16-17:  Come and See: The First Appearance

                 of the Resurrected Christ

5-07-17:  Come and See: The One Standing

                 on the Shore

5-21-17:  Come and See: The One Who

                 Restores the Soul

5-28-17:  Come and See: The One, About Whom,

                 the World Could Not Contain the Books

6-04-17:  Come and See: The Theology of John

7-30-17:  The Comfort and Call of the Gospel

9-10-17:  Introduction to Numbers

10-08-17:  Experiencing Life's Greatest Honor

11-05-17:  Following God to Know the

                   Will of God for My Life

12-03-17:  Fake News

Tri-City Baptist Church Library

Cross Impact Press

 -- Books and Tracts by our Pastor, Dr. William J. Senn, III

The Ploughman's Series

The Ploughman’s Sower Series is a four-lesson evangelistic Bible study. The question/answer, fill-in-the-blank study is based on the gospel of John and deals with Christ’s confrontation of four different types of people.  The first lesson is geared for the moral, religious but lost sinner and emphasizes relationship over religion.  In this lesson Nicodemus is brought to faith in Christ.   The second study contrasts with the first lesson and addresses a very immoral woman in the person of the Samaritan woman.  The third lesson deals with the blind man and develops the theme of spiritual blindness to spiritual sight.  This lesson especially connects with those who have physical afflictions.  The last study is written in more ofan apologetic fashion as it explains how Thomas was moved from doubt and unbelief to faith.  Thomas was a realist who needed facts for his faith.  Each of these four lessons can stand on their own as a soulwinning opportunity for the soulwinner. 

The Ploughman’s Harvest Series is the natural follow-up for the person who was saved as the result of The Ploughman’s Sower Series or the young believer in the Lord who needs to be grounded in the basic practices, the ABC’s of the Christian life.  The first lesson is a book study on I John and deals with the topic of assurance of salvation (A).  This study causes the student to examine his or her faith in light of the tests that John presents in his pungent epistle.  The goal of this lesson is “to know that you have eternal life.” The second study is a topical study on the subject of baptism (B).  It incorporates every verse in the New Testament on the topic of baptism. It then organizes the data around the important questions, “When should we be baptized?” “How should you be baptized?” “What is the meaning of baptism?”  The aim of this lesson is to see the new believer in Christ follow the Lord in baptism by immersion. The third study deals with the subject of the local and universal aspects of the church (C), presented in a dispensational fashion. It addresses the origin, offices, and ordinances of the church.  The fourth and fifth lessons deal with the disciplines of Bible study and prayer (D – devotions) and the last lesson introduces the topic of evangelism (E). 

The Ploughman’s Manual is a tool to reinforce the basic disciplines of the Christian walk.  The first section reinforces the need and importance of daily devotions. It articulates the hindrances to devotions and then teaches a practical approach to daily Bible reading and study.  This chapter explains how to use the section in The Ploughman’s Journal entitled ‘Morning and Evening.’  The second section of the Manual explains the importance of the believer’s prayer life and presents the different aspects of prayer.  This is then practically applied to establishing a prayer journal by using the section in The Ploughman’s Journal called ‘Faith’s Checkbook.’  The third part of the Manual introduces the importance of being a soul winner and presents a five-step soul-winning plan, called the Gospel Go plan.  The soul winner’s efforts and burden for the lost can be tracked in the third section of The Ploughman’s Journal called ‘The Soul Winner.’  The fourth section in the Manual explains how to use the section in the Journal called ‘Lectures to my Students.’  The last section in the Manual presents the challenge of Bible memory work and a strategy for memorizing and reviewing verses.  It also lists twenty different memory packets and their accompanying verses.  The Journal, in the section called ‘The Sword and the Trowel’ provides a way to track one’s Bible reading and memory work progress.

The Ploughman’s Journal is the devotional tool designed to provide daily accountability for devotions, prayer, soul winning, Bible study and Scripture memory.  The journal is divided into five sections and is very user-friendly.   The Ploughman’s Manual is the companion book that describes in detail how to use the Journal. 

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The C-Pack and R-Pack Memory Cards are the Scripture memory packs that go along with The Ploughman’s Harvest Series and The Ploughman’s Manual. The C-Pack is a set of six 3 x 5” cards with two verses on each card that correspond with the six lessons of The Ploughman’s Harvest Series (i.e. assurance, baptism, church, Bible study, prayer and evangelism).  The R-Pack includes seven Scripture memory cards that coincide with the Gospel Go soul winning planfound in The Ploughman’s Manual. These verses include the Roman’s Road and several other key verses that assist in presenting God’s clear plan of salvation to the lost.  

Taking the Cross of Christ to the Campus

Taking the Cross of Christ to the Campus is a manual for a church-based campus ministry.  It is the first volume in a series of seminary publications by Bob Jones University written by the founder and president of Cross Impact Ministries, William J. Senn, III.  This is a must-read book for the pastor, layman, student, missionary who is interested in starting a campus ministry.  The book addresses the historical significance of campus ministries and traces the major awakenings, revivals and mission movements back to a college campus (i.e. The Holy Club, The Cambridge Seven, The St. Andrews Seven, etc.)  It then develops the present culture and challenge to reaching collegians for Christ on the secular campus.  This is fleshed out in the presentation of the various paradigms/models that have been used in ministering to collegians followed by a careful analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the para-church ministries of InterVarsity, Navigators and Campus Crusade.  The nuts and bolts for starting a campus ministry is presented as well as a description of the five-fold scope of campus work with a special emphasis placed on evangelizing and discipleship.  There is a separate chapter that addresses reaching the international student.  In addition to starting a campus ministry, there are chapters that deal with planning the campus calendar, the role of the mission board and instruction for managing the campus ministry from a pastoral perspective.

Colorado Snow

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Colorado Snow is a homespun book by William J. Senn, III that embellishes true stories and maximizes the use of hyperbole to illustrate Biblical principles and lessons.  The stories range from the absurd and hysterical to the serious and sad.  This largely humorous book can be used for family story time or devotions.  Most chapters have pointed questions at the end of the chapter to draw out the Biblical lessons to teach children/youth or to apply to ones’ self.   Colorado Snow is the perfect gift for the unsaved as it employs different techniques to draw the unsaved into its pages.  The stories escalate in spiritual intensity as the gospel is presented in a variety of ways that will keep the sinner engaged.  The last chapter is the personal, spiritual journey of the author which culminates in his salvation experience as a junior in college. There isthen an appeal at the end of the book for the sinner to trust Christ.  This book edifies the believer and can be equally used to evangelize the sinner.  College students will love this book!  Cost $13.00.  Colorado Snow was released in Easter 2009.  

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Gospel Tracts

Five Fouls and You're Out is a four-color gospel tract that compares the game of basketball to the Ten Commandments.  Sin is seen as the transgression of the law.  In basketball, when one fouls out of the game, he needs a substitute. This tract emphasizes that we have all sinned and have fouled out.  Our only hope is presented in the Lord Jesus Christ – our Substitute.  This tract and the use of the Law has been an effective schoolmaster to bring many to a saving knowledge of Christ. 

Penalties Must be Marched Off in Death’s Valley is a four-color gospel tract that compares the penalties in a football game to the various sins itemized and described in the Bible.  The message is very clear that the penalty of sin is death and that we need our sins propitiated and forgiven.  This tract connects with the sports-minded person.

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The  "- ING" ("Inspirational Notes for Growth") Series

The Old Testament

Glorying in Genesis (Volume I)

Glorying in Genesis (Volume II)

Elaborating on Exodus (Volume I)

Elaborating on Exodus (Volume II)

Leafing through Leviticus

Journeying through Joshua

Knowing I Kings

Explaining Ezra

Negotiating through Nehemiah

Expositing through Esther

Examining Ecclesiastes

Languishing in Lamentations

Hurting with Hosea

Jolting through Joel

Ambling through Amos

Magnifying Micah

Zeroing in on Zechariah

The New Testament

Marveling in Mark (Volume I)

Marveling in Mark (Volume II)

Accelerating through Acts (Volume I)

Accelerating through Acts (Volume II)

Gathering in Galatians

Perusing through Philippians

Communing in Colossians

Tabernacling in II Thessalonians

Jotting with James

Preaching through I Peter

Proclaiming II Peter

Reveling in Revelation

Pricing ranges from $10 - $14 per book.

To Order - Please call 303-424-2287 or email

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