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Young Married Couples

Getting married is a little like buying a house. Couples visit home after home looking for the “right one.” Once they narrow down their choices and settle on the “right one,” they most often see the potential of the house without fully considering the problems. Many times, it is not until they move in and begin living there, that the flaws begin to show up and the necessary repairs must be done. 

The dating, engagement, and newly wed seasons of life are times filled with passionate desires and dreams of what marriage promises. However, as couples live together, the flaws of selfishness, anger, wrong priorities, and poor communication can be revealed and they are left with some areas that need repair. 

At Tri-City Baptist Church, our Young Family Ministries can be summarized by the statement, Knowing God’s Word & Following God’s Ways. We believe that as we equip families with God’s wisdom they will know the Gospel and encourage families to walk in God’s ways. As they then experience the Gospel, the lives of the entire family will exalt the Lord and bring lifelong enjoyment.

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